Bloomberg Businessweek

美国商业周刊『Bloomberg Businessweek』─美国最具影响力的商业杂志,自2006年推出全球唯一国际版,深入报导现今的商业、财经、管理趋势,精准专业的分析预测赢得各界商业人士的信任,470万读者都是追求成功的专业高阶人士,帮助他们在现代複杂的经济社会中找到成功之钥。 Bloomberg Businessweek, US leading business news magazine, makes the world of business intriguing by identifying and analyzing pivotal events, hot trends and compelling personalities. This insightful weekly magazine edifies complicated issues and conveys a sense of excitement while telling readers what they need to know, often before they need to know it.