《尤物USEXY》是一本精选台湾美女和明星的男性杂誌,我们出版美女,也出版所有对男人有好处的玩意儿。我们有专业的团队拍摄和企画性感写真,并且精选了好品味的文化内容、生活风格、时尚、艺术、旅游等资讯等,带给读者美好的事物就是尤物的发行宗旨。Spending Time In Beauty 戀物.迷魅.瘋流. 男人,就該浪費時間在美好的事物上。USEXY is the most glamorous male magazine collected Taiwanese beauties and celebrities . There is nothing about sex in sexy photographs, instead of featuring good taste of lifestyle, fashion, culture, art, and traveling. Our ideas of publishing is not only releasing beauties but also all good stuff for men.